What is the service?

  • I will put your advertisements on brand safe premium websites
  • I will target these advertisements to audiences who are your potential clients – your ad will appear when these specific audiences visit these brand safe websites
  • The results will drive incremental business for your organization by attracting and engaging new consumers and bringing them to your website


How does this work?

This technology uses cookie based user information.

For example….
A consumer goes to the Nike.com website. Then they next visit theweathernetwork. Suddenly an ad for Nike shoes appears on theweathernetwork.  This targeting technology uses the content consumption patterns of users to track where an audience has been and where they go next. Detailed Explanation here .

My practises adhere to North American guidelines as set out by IABCanada as well as GDPR 


What Services does Jason Offer?

  • I will design an advertising campaign that brings your potential clients to your website based on a detailed consultative discussion with you
  • I will report on the results of your campaign on a daily or weekly basis and make recommendations as to what “tweaks” we should make to optimize the results
  • I will provide guidance and consultation on the advertising creative (messaging, branding…etc). Please note that I do not create advertising files – you will need to hire a graphic designer for such assets.

Why Jason?

There are many providers of this service in Canada – some extremely large and others much smaller.  So why me?

                     Trust and Transparency

Presumably you were directed to me from a colleague you trust. They have recommended me because they believe in my ethics, my standards and my transparency.

By transparency I mean the promise of disclosing to you as much information regarding what you are getting for the money you are investing. There are no secrets, there is no hidden data, there is no question too silly to answer.    Outside of legally confidential agreements between me and my vendors, my promise is to be transparent, forthcoming and provide complete visibility to you.

Digital Advertising uses sophisticated, complex and technology driven data centric strategies. I will take the time to ensure that you will understand everything that I execute and why the results are the way they are.


Who am I?

I’ve been in the digital advertising space for over 12 years.  Having worked for large publicly listed companies, I have executed campaigns for clients within the top Ad agencies in North America (OMD, GroupM, Starcom, MediaBrands). As an expert in digital advertising  I have trained employees and managed divisions with teams as large as 22 specialists and over $25 million of advertising contracts.  

Please explore my website to learn more about my background.


Next Steps?

Book a free consultation with me to chat about your needs and see if my services are a good fit.
 – jason@wodlinger.com
 – 416.899.2750 

References are available upon request